Art inspired by the Renaissance, Celtic knots, fantasy art, and storybooks. I create traditional paintings, digital art and photograph knights, fair maidens, fairies, bagpipers, flowers and a few meadows too.

Home Decor Additions

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Home Decor Additions

I have introduced more home decor designs as well as more collections in the home decor line.

New collections include "Home Decor Flowers and Gardens", "Home Decor Abstract" and "Home Decor Kids and Fun".

I hope to upload another one on woodland animals soon.

I also have a new collection started on "French Inspired Designs" which are most often used for home decor too.

All of them are very new and some only have one or two designs each at the time of this writing. As with a lot of home decor, I use the same design with different colors to give you more possibilities to go with items you may already have.

I will be expanding on my other collections too, but for now, home decor illustrations are taking precedence.

Thank you for reading.